Greg Kimber
Candidate for Maine State House District 74
“Meeting Challenges, Creating Opportunities”

Why I'm Running

About Greg

Greg is a resident of Temple, where he was born and raised. A graduate of Mount Blue HS, he spent time in neighboring states before returning a few years ago to join his father on the family homestead.

Greg has since become increasingly engaged with local and state issues. He is committed to investing our resources wisely to counter the economic fallout from the corona virus while also fighting for greater tax fairness. He also prioritizes protecting the environment, supporting older Mainers, and working to expand economic opportunities to attract young people and new Mainers to our communities.

Greg has worked with developmentally disabled clients, in daycare centers, on organic farms, and in advocacy and outreach work. Most recently he has taught English as a second language, both online and in classrooms. He holds a Masters, focused on political science and the environment.

Greg hopes to bring his varied experiences to the task of advocating on behalf of Avon, Carthage, Industry, New Vineyard, New Portland, South Franklin, Strong, Temple, Weld, and Wilton, and he is eager to learn more about your hopes and concerns. Greg believes that some of the most pressing challenges we face can present exciting new opportunities if we can look beyond partisanship and ideologically-based assumptions and prioritize practical, evidence-based solutions.

On the Issues

Meeting Challenges, Creating Opportunities

I promise to focus on three areas: our economic recovery, protecting the environment, and caring for aging Mainers. If we can step up and meet these challenges I know we'll have better days ahead.

Addressing Rising Cost of Living

The global effects of inflation and the war in Ukraine are hitting us hard here at home. Everyday Mainers are helplessly getting squeezed at the pump and senior citizens living on fixed incomes are slimming their summer meals to save up for extra heating oil costs. Leaders in Augusta can help during tough times like these if they have the resources. I'll make sure the wealthiest in Maine are paying their fair share. And I'll support solutions to ease the property tax burden on poor and middle-class homeowners, like making sure the state continues to follow through on its commitments to fund our schools. Investing in our communities now is the right thing for Maine's future.

Supporting Older Mainers, Welcoming New Mainers

Maine is the oldest state in the country. The number of folks retiring is going up, too many young people move away, and not enough new Mainers are coming to our rural communities. I'll vote for investing in our schools and expanding access to child care, developing training opportunities to help people enter the job market, and ensuring job protections and a living wage. We must also support our seniors and those who care for them. We aren't training enough caretakers for our older neighbors. Many of us are stretched thin caring for our loved ones. I know we can do better. I'll fight so aging Mainers can get the care they deserve.

Protecting Our Environment

Climate disruption, if not addressed quickly, will have a profound impact on our lives. The good news is that transitioning away from fossil fuels presents a great economic opportunity. Renewable energy industries (like solar and wind) provide many more jobs than fossil fuels. Retrofitting homes and municipal buildings for energy efficiency will likewise add stable, good-paying jobs.

Support for Greg

Valerie Huebner, retired UMF administrator/Sustainability Coordinator, Farmington

"Greg Kimber is a dedicated, thoughtful activist committed to social justice and the environment. He carefully researches and understands important issues and will be an effective legislator."

Jan Collins, President of Franklin County Retired Educators, Wilton

"Greg is smart, witty, well informed, thoughtful, caring and compassionate. I was ecstatic when I heard he was running to represent us in Maine's House of Representatives. Now more than ever, we need Greg in the legislature."

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